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Jack Londons SEEWOLF


Alarmcode 112



Bernhard Bettermann, Ingo Hülsmann, Marlene Marlow, Oliver Clemens, Andreas Schmidt-Schaller, Nadja Uhl, Marek Hartloff, Thomas B. Martin

Serie 60', Action / Drama, Deutschland, 1996
1 x 90' + 11 x 45', Farbe

Whereas you sometimes can't move for police series, the lives of firefighters doesn't get nearly as much screen time. So give a blazing hot welcome to ALARMCODE 112, the TV-series that takes the word action and adds a big exclamation mark to it! Named after the emergency number you dial in Germany should your house go up in flames or kitty gets stuck in a tree, these eleven episodes are stuffed with breathtaking explosions, raging blazes and terrible accidents!

In the middle of all this daring-do are four firefighters (Dennis, Konrad, Jan-Peter and Lukas), putting their lives on the line, taking on danger and peril on a day-to-day basis. These guys are the pros on the job! Rescuing crash victims, extinguishing a blazing chemical plant or chasing youths who set off false alarms, they are always on the spot when the call comes. As they cope with their risky profession and sometimes-wild private lives, their friendship and trust in one another is put to the toughtest test.

ALARMCODE 112 mixes thrillingly choreographed stunt action with just the right amount of human drama. As the main characters are developed over the series' arc viewers will come to empathise with the pressure they’re under, both professionally and off the job. But be careful, watching ALARMCODE 112 may be more than the action addict in you can take!